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VIDEO: Man assaults street performer in Birmingham

In News, Videos on 10/21/2013 at 10:40
The video shows this young man (left) attacking a street perfomer in central Birmingham

The video shows this young man (left) attacking a street perfomer in New Street in central Birmingham

A video has emerged of a young man maliciously assaulting a costumed street performer in the city centre of Birmingham.

The incident, which is believed to have taken place over the weekend, was captured on video by an associate of the attacker, who is heard encouraging his friend to commit the violent act.

The two young men, who appear to be in their mid-20s, are heard briefly conspiring to attack a ‘cosplay’ street entertainer before one of them lunges at him from behind, causing the performer to land on a child who was watching him perform. The incident took place in New Street outside the city’s busy Bullring shopping centre.

The performer was dressed in a costume resembling a ‘Yautja’, the chief alien protagonist in the Predator film series. The unknown street artist, who has been entertaining crowds from his plinth since earlier this year, is believed to have escaped serious injury but it is not known if the young child seen in the video was hurt.

The street performer was dressed in a 'Predator' costume, similar to the one seen here

The Birmingham street performer was dressed in a ‘Predator’ costume, similar to the one seen here, popular with cosplay enthusiasts.

The video was originally filmed on a smart phone and posted to a Facebook profile, which is allegedly that of the assailant. It was removed a few hours later after it transpired that it had become public.

According to the West Midlands Police, they have not yet had a formal complaint about the unprovoked attack. Yet, the video of the incident has already drawn anger from across the globe with individuals calling on the police to charge the attacker under Anti-Social Behaviour and Public Disorder laws.


Do you know the attacker? Contact West Midlands Police on 101, or contact Crimestoppers anonymously on 0800 555 111.
Please forward and share this video to raise awareness.



  1. Reblogged this on Redd Sirin's Raw Alternative and commented:
    Disgusting and very childish to say the least …

  2. What about child endangerment? Looks like the entertainer fell on a child.

  3. Good god that was hilarious, predators LOVE kids why is it a surprise he ended up on top of her with his face in her special area?

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