Meet the Team

“Writing reviews and articles,  taking pictures and making videos? All this wizardry on one site? It be witchcraft, I tell ya, WITCHCRAFT!” 

Ah, witchcraft? No.  Wizardry? Yes.   Motley crew of creatives responsible?  Oh, yes!


creative director | Adam Yosef

Adam Yosef has been involved in community journalism since the age of 12. Prior to launching I Am Birmingham, he has held posts as a Senior Journalist and Sub Editor and has written for numeorus regional and national publications. Along with PR work, Adam has created and maintained New Media initiatives for various social, political and entertainment projects. He is the founder of I Am Birmingham.


marketing director | Kyle Kowalski

Kyle Kowalski is originally from Manchester but has spent much of his professional life in New York. He began working in the media industry in his mid-20s, writing as a journalist for regional and specialist publications before moving into marketing and PR. Having been involved in various community empowerment initiatives, Kowalski ‘married’ his media work with grassroots projects to create accessible and effective mediums and opportunities for individuals from less priviledged backgrounds. He also has a keen interest in music, audio mixing/mastering and is a DJ.


graphic designer | REB3LZ

Reb3lz is a young up-and-coming graphic designer and digital artist. He has a passion for graphic design and manipulation, experimentation with new software, CSS code, web design and animation.



the team

'I Am Birmingham' team member Discord AdonisDiscord Adonis

roles: Presenter, Writer

interests: Horror movies, Wes Craven, SAW, digital art, Ace of Base

do say: “Heather Langenkamp would kick Xena’s fat behind all over the show…”

don’t say: “I much prefer Zac Efron in High School Musical over Johnny Depp in Nightmare on Elm Street

twitter: @Discord_Adonis | links: DeviantArt | Flickr |


'I Am Birmingham' team member Sam AllanSam Allan

roles: Presenter, Reviewer, Reporter

interests: Theatre, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Arctic Monkeys, Guitar

do say: “Wow, you’re how young? But you’re so mature!”

don’t say: “OMG, Glee’s on TV. Let’s watch!”

twitter: @ | links:



'I Am Birmingham' team member Gordon CampbellGordon Campbell

roles: Presenter, Reporter, Videographer

interests: Google Chrome, Filmmaking, YouTube, Acting

do say: “No way, really?! I thought you were 21!”

don’t say: “So Scotland’s in England, right?”

twitter: @GordyCamp | links: Website | YouTube



'I Am Birmingham' team member Jamie ChapmanJamie Chapman

roles: Presenter, Reviewer, Videographer

interests: YouTube, Zombies, Enter Shikari, Eddie Vedder, King Blues, Gaming

do say: “We are fighting back and we are f*cking angry”

don’t say: “Quick, we gotta panic queue up for petrol! Look, everyone’s doing it!”

twitter: @ChapperzTV | links: YouTube


'I Am Birmingham' team member Hanad DarwishHanad Darwish

roles: Presenter, Reviewer

interests: Underground Music, MCing, Local Politics, DJing, Media

do say: “I agree, Birmingham needs a Mayor”

don’t say: “I don’t do politics, it’s never gonna change anything!”

twitter: @HanadDarwish | links:



'I Am Birmingham' team member Will GregsonWill Gregson

roles: Photographer

interests: Sports, MMA, War Photography, Photo Journalism, Music Festivals, Gym

do say: “Drum ‘n’ Bass and Dubstep are sick!”

don’t say: “Georgia G says ‘hello’, or rather #GeorgiaGSaysHello”

twitter: @WillGregson | links: Website



'I Am Birmingham' team member Carlie Ann-HareCarlie Ann-Hare

roles: Photographer, Reviewer

interests: Music Festivals, Gigs, Photography, Sweets, Cartoons

do say: “Yeah, you’re down to photograph every festival from now until 2024”

don’t say: “You’re here to photograph who? That gig was last night luv…”

twitter: @CarlsbergTM | links: Website


'I Am Birmingham' team member Neil HorneNeil Horne

roles: Reporter

interests: Multimedia projects, Ale, Drum ‘n’ Bass, Music, Football

do say: “You can have three small glasses of ale for the price of one big one…”

don’t say: “Never mind going out, how about we start on that essay?”

twitter: @Juva1 | links:


'I Am Birmingham' team member Marcus HubbardMarcus Hubbard

roles: Reviewer, Reporter

interests: Theatre, Acting, Musicals, Disney Cartoons, Chilling with the Dog

do say: “How about a TV marathon of Glee, BGT, The X Factor and childhood cartoons?”

don’t say: “How about a TV marathon of the greatest goals in football history?”

twitter: @MunchkinMarcus | links: Website


'I Am Birmingham' team member Andre 'Ace' JamesAndre Ace James

roles: Photographer

interests: Music, Sports, Showbiz, Photography, Dubstep, R’n’B, Soul

do say:Rick Ross is an absolute legend!”

don’t say: “Got the perfect gig for you mate, Steps are back on tour, woot!”

twitter: @AcePhotoz | links: Website



'I Am Birmingham' team member Mantas JankusMantas Jankus

roles: Videographer

interests: Filmmaking, Harry Potter, Simpsons, The Beatles

do say: “I think you have really good editing skills.”

don’t say: “You must love spending time writing essays compared to working the field.”

twitter: @ | links:



'I Am Birmingham' team member Elena JungElena Jung

roles: Presenter, Reporter, Reviewer

interests: Journalism, Pokémon, Dogs, Rock Climbing

do say: “Gotta Catch ‘Em All!”

don’t say: “Hey, I got us tickets to Crufts, you’re gonna love it!”

twitter: @ | links:



'I Am Birmingham' team member Jack KirbyJack Kirby

roles: Photographer

interests: Alice Cooper, Music, Photography, Zombies, Gaming, Acting, Family Guy

do say: “Dude, here’s a personal birthday telegram from Vincent Furnier.”

don’t say: “Dude, Happy Birthday! Here’s the complete collection of Sex and the City… on DVD!”

twitter: @JackDeathSquad | links: Facebook


'I Am Birmingham' team member Cadston MasonCadston Mason

roles: Presenter, Reviewer

interests: Singing, Acting, Performing, Gym, Michael Bublé, Erykah Badu

do say: “You’ve just got an audition for a new show on telly!”

don’t say: “I prefer Heavy Metal to R’n’B and Jazz mate…”

twitter: @CadstonMason | links: YouTube


'I Am Birmingham' team member Shantelle PalmerShantelle Palmer

roles: Presenter, Reporter

interests: Media, Journalism, Charity Work, Travelling

do say: “Media work is sooo much cooler than hanging clothes on racks…”

don’t say: “How about another shift working Propaganda at the O2?”

twitter: @ | links:


'I Am Birmingham' team member Sivagami RamanathanSivagami Ramanathan

roles: Presenter, Reviewer, Videographer

interests: Journalism, Filmmaking, Travelling, Languages

do say: “You’ve been accepted for an internship at CNN.”

don’t say: “You’ve been accepted for an internship at Fox News.”

twitter: @ | links:


'I Am Birmingham' team member Robbie RedfearnRobbie Redfearn

roles: Reviewer, Reporter

interests: Web Design, Graphic Design, Rock Climbing, Parkour, 日本, Manga, Naruto

do say: “Sure, we can spend the whole day flicking through comics at Forbidden Planet…”

don’t say: “Everything ever created by Steve Jobs has been blessed by God. True Story.”

twitter: @ | links: Website


'I Am Birmingham' team member Nicola ShiltonNicola Shilton

roles: Photographer

interests: Photography, Going Out, Music Festivals, Twilight, Example

do say: “Guess who’s making you breakfast today? Charlie Simpson!”

don’t say: “Guess who’s headlining Download? Leona Lewis!”

twitter: @Nicola_Shilton | links: Website


'I Am Birmingham' team member Sarmad Qusai Sarmad Qusai

roles: Photographer, Videographer

interests: Filmmaking, Digital Art, Michael Jackson, Sami Yusuf, Yanni

do say: “I really like artistic cinematic quality short films.”

don’t say: “Cinematic films are okay but random shaky hand-held vlogs are so much better!”

twitter: @TheLordSarmad | links: YouTube




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